Presidensity Project is a 4-Year Research Residency


In late 2016, Melissa Birch initiated PRESIDENSITY PROJECT, a performance residency
addressing civic complexity (American) through performance & studio practice.

PRESIDENSITY funnels performance actions into precise functions: PRESI for leaders already leading our communities, DENSITY for collective conscience filling the void. PROJECT as an investigation of form and antidote.

Melissa's embodied performance works transpose social contexts into live installations, energizing engagement with familiar and dramatic narratives. Based in the Twin Cities, Melissa's stage work and dance-theater collaborations have been presented in residency in Berlin, DE, and throughout North America, through numerous commissions and production collaborations — to popular and critical acclaim..

A logical next step of performance research, Presidensity Project builds on Birch’s

reputation for delivering vanguard performance products within a flexibility of form.

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density | ˈdensədē | noun (plural densities) the degree of compactness of a substance: a reduction in bone density. • (also packing density) Computing a measure of the amount of information on a storage medium (tape or disk). For magnetic tape it is the amount of information recorded per unit length of tape (bits per inch or millimeter); for a disk, a fixed number of bits per sector, sectors per track, and tracks per disk: chip density doubles every eighteen months | [as modifier, in combination] :  a low-density 5.25-inch floppy disk | a drive capable of handling high-density 1.44 megabyte disks. • Physics degree of consistency measured by the quantity of mass per unit volume. • the opacity of a photographic image. • the quantity of people or things in a given area or space: areas of low population density | a density of 10,000 per square mile. ORIGIN early 17th century: from French densité or Latin densitas, from densus ‘dense’.

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